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Boston Children's Theatre gives children aged 8-18 an all-round theatre experience by teaching them, as they rehearse, stagecraft and all the different aspects of putting on a performance. They meet on Tuesday evenings, during term time, at Blackfriars Theatre.

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Annual Workshops

We were asked by Fydell House last year to relate our workshops to World War One. So we've been looking at various aspects of the war to include in them. So far we've got ideas about the use of animals, the introduction of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance and one of our younger members has researched the invention of the tank and how the war affected children at the time.

So we are nearly ready to get started and look forward to seeing some new faces from Mon. 11th August - Fri. 15th August from 10am to 4pm, culminating in a performance on the Friday evening at 7pm.

by Frances on 3rd of August 2014

Dance Crazy

We've been lucky to get Dance Crazy to join us again for our Donovan Daily play in a few weeks time. They are going to perform a couple of numbers that will give the show a bit more 'oomph' and we're really looking forward to working with them again.

It has turned out to be quite a challenging work for the actors as they've been put through their paces, learning to act a variety of emotions that they won't have come across in their lives, such as fear of losing everything, love scenes and even being tortured!

by Frances on 14th of June 2014

Science Fiction Sequel

We're well into rehearsals for the next show; 'The Adventures of Donovan Daily: Destination Earth'. This is a sequel to last summers play and this year Nick has written it so that Act II will stand alone to take to the Skegness One-Act Festival in October.

We get the chance to meet some old friends and foes but there are also some new characters, such as Admiral Bullfrog and a love interest for SCRAPS the robot. And with two new planets to visit as well it's going to be an amazing show.

by Frances on 24th of April 2014

Dance Crazy

We are progressing well with the panto. The youngsters are learning all about how to interact with an audience, not something an actor normally does! But the main news is that the local dance group 'Dance Crazy' are joining us. They are going to provide the musical side of the panto and we are really looking forward to working with them.

by Frances on 23rd of November 2013

Oh no, we aren't! Oh yes, we are!

We've got started with our January production and this year we've decided to have a go at a pantomime. Although our first play was called 'The Pantomime Play' it was still a play written for children to perform. This time we've chosen an actual pantomime, written by our old friend Kei Bailey. We've had to make a few alterations to make it suitable for our youngsters and we are also hoping to collaborate with a dance school for the musical numbers. It looks as though we've taken on quite a big production but everyone is really keen and already it looks as though we're going to have a great show!

by Frances on 16th of October 2013